Knoebels Attractions and Sites

Not only does Knoebels have awesome rides, but there are lots of places to see and explore.
From museums, games, shows, and wildlife, there is something here for evry one. Specially if you just want to take a walk around.

Bald Eagle Habitat - Did you know Bald Eagles mate for life? They are an important indicator of the health of our ecosystem. There are two feeding a day, so get on over and see them.
Knoebels bandshell
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The Band Shell - Live shows including magic, variety, and music. Some of the best local and not so local talent.
Boat Tag - Shoot tennis balls at floating tanks as they shoot back at you.
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Fascination - Our friends Dianne and Bill LOVE this game. Its a great way to have some fun on those rainy days.
Knoebels History Museum
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Knoebels History Museum - View a time line and photo exhibit detailing the history of Knoebels. Located in the rear of the Mining Museum. Worth the time to read the walls.
Knoebels Carousel Museum
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Knoebels Carousel Museum - One of my favorites, we visit every time we are there. Learn about the history and see examples of the work of all of the major carousel carvers.
Lazer Tag
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Lazer Runner - Lazer Tag game, test your mad hunting skilz!
Miniature Golf - Enjoy a relaxing round on Knoebels' custom designed 18 hole mini golf course.
Miners Museum
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Mining Museum - Your in Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania is all about coal. This is another free admission tribute to the anthracite coal mining industry.
Playland - An old time arcade with a unique mix of classic and the latest coin operated games. All with great prizes!
Shooting Gallery
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Shooting Gallery - Coin operated, shoot at fun tricks with light shooting rifles on Moonshine Mountain.
XD Theater - 4D Motion Ride Experience, experience all the thrills of 4 different 3D movies that make you a part of the action. Your seat moves with the action on the screen!

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